The Mobile Graphics Lab is a completely portable teaching station/comics classroom equipped with the materials and equipment used for the creation of graphics that use words and pictures to tell a story.  The general theme of this initial project was nourishment.  Each of the comics workshops given revolved around food knowledge sharing and the intergenerational dialogue that came from it.

The Mobile Graphics Lab combines sculpture, socially engaged practice, cartooning and a straight up love of teaching comics. The Graphics Lab is a fully functional comics classroom with a printer,drawing supplies and screen printing.

The Graphics Lab is made with wood, aluminum, steel, screen ink, hand blown glass, and ready made wheels.

This project was funded in part by The California Arts Council during an artist residency at Side Street Projects.

I would like to thank the executive director Emily Hopkins and the staff at Side Street Projects, Serio Press and Oh Happy Days for collaboration and support.


MGL Cook Book PDF by on Scribd

Mobile grpahics lab final 4.jpg
Mobile grpahics lab final back shot.jpg
Mobile Grpahics Lab 3.jpg
MGL on Kuzu paper.jpg
Mobile graphics Lan plan drawing on Kozu.jpg
Mobile graphics Lab Fancy on kozu.jpg
Franks -MGL full size.jpg
Car Wash, Car Wash, Car Wash copy.jpg